About 100

So, what’s this all about?

Well, in brief, it’s intended as a challenge for me and something interesting for you.

I will try to select 100 photos which I’ve taken over the years and share them with you. My aim is to find and post one a day. Perhaps I’ll end up with fewer than 100, or perhaps more – only time will tell!

My hope is that the pictures will trigger your curiosity and creative juices: All the what’s, how’s, where’s, when’s, who’s … the feelings, sounds, smells, tastes, people, objects, times and tales …

They might be useful for discussions in Language classes, or they might provide inspirations for creative writings. Each will mean something different to each. I deliberately omit explanations as they’d only stifle your thought processes but, if you’d like any details, I’d be delighted for you to contact me.

Have a play! Let your imagination write the story!


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