Clive Sir

There will be an educational slant to this blog, reflecting my personal interests, but I’m not an education professional. I’m actually an electronics design engineer. I qualified back in 1981 and, after getting experience, started work at JET near Oxford in the UK in 1987 where I stayed for 21 years. (JET is a world-leading nuclear fusion research centre. It’s fusion, not fission, and it’s potentially a very safe form of nuclear power.)

I had dreams of making a difference so in October 2008 I quit my job and took off for India. Through Google I’d found a small charity working with disadvantaged kids and spent 18 months there, primarily teaching computing. Then in April 2010 I transferred to ‘Adopt Sri Lanka’, a small NGO (sadly now defunct) which worked with teachers in 80 rural schools in the south of the island – I helped there for 12 months. You can read more about those periods of volunteering in the two blogs below.

Now I’m back in the UK, back at JET, in my old office, doing my old job. Part-time this time. I haven’t been idle on my non-work days: for the 2012/2013 school year I volunteered at a local Primary school, helping with reading and technology, which I loved doing. I also studied (and passed) the CELTA – it will come in handy for when I go volunteering abroad again. You see, the bug has truly bitten me! I had intended to go in 2013 but postponed it because I realised I’d still need a base in the UK to store things and to come back to during visa runs etc, so I bought a house! It needs a lot of renovation work and that’s what’s keeping me busy right now. My plan is to rent out rooms to pay the mortgage and give me a small income, and then I’ll be off again. Where? Nepal, Cambodia, Lebanon and Jordan are all on my shortlist. I’m still dreaming and planning!

Clive Elsmore

Email CliveSir@gmail.comTwitter @CliveSir

Blog Clive in Sri Lanka (2010 – 2011)

Blog Clive in India (2008 – 2010)

Clive Sir’s Educators’ Wiki (out of date)

Some photos on Flickr

Tech administrator of Sugata Mitra’s Granny Cloud

CliveSirThe name of this blog and my Twitter ID come from what my Indian children called me: Clive, Sir.

And my avatar? That was drawn by one of my talented little 8 year old students in India.
I’m quite attached to it!



  1. rdw3

    Found your blog as I was searching for some examples to help me with my first CELTA homework assignment. I am doing the full time course here in Boston, MA USA. One week down, a bit battered and bruised.

    Enjoyed your blog and will be checking back.

    • clivesir

      Thanks for dropping by, Roger. I hope you find something useful here. The one-month, fulltime CELTA has a reputation for being incredibly stressful and I don’t envy you doing it. I wish you every success!

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