Chatting with Greenland

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but since 2012 I have been helping with the Granny Cloud – connecting English-speaking adults (“Cloud Grannies”) with groups of children around the world via Skype. The children are mostly in India but could be in Colombia or Cambodia. They’re often in disadvantaged locations. And, of course, the adults could be anywhere on the globe! I’m a member of the core team and work in the background, just lending support for technical issues. Although I don’t work with the children, and some of the issues are extremely frustrating, I really enjoy the huge friendship within the team.

One of the countries we work with is Greenland, a fascinating country – vast, with a minute population and challenging environment. We have four Grannies who connect from Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa and England to children in Atammik Nuka and Kangaamiut. It is a very successful arrangement!

I have mentioned to my contact that perhaps they’d like to try something outside the Granny Cloud – perhaps connecting to children in another classroom somewhere in the world. I know many teachers on Twitter so it shouldn’t be impossible. Yesterday she emailed me, asking if I might be able to introduce a classroom in Maniitsoq to another elsewhere. Her proposal was that the classes don’t share a native language but are both English language learners of similar abilities. Interacting with children on a level playing field should help boost both of their language skills. That’s the theory – I have no idea if it’ll work in practice but reckon it’s worth a try!

So I’m seeking a classroom to Skype with. The Greenlandic class plans regular sessions on Thursdays, 10:00 to 11:00 their time.  They’re on UTC-2 until 29th October and then UTC-3 until 25th March 2017. They’re a class of fifth-graders, aged 10 to 11.
We would probably be looking for a classroom in a similar timezone so that suggests Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay… but could be anywhere if the times work out.


Large summer in kangaamiut 3


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