Skyping with South America

If you’ve seen my twitter attempts to find a class in South America, for a class in the UK to Skype with, then this quick note is just for you!

A couple of years ago I volunteered as a helper/teacher at a local school, introducing blogging and Skyping to a class of Primary children. They loved it, as did I, but time constraints meant I had to give it up.

When a 10 year-old neighbour told me recently she was doing a project on South America I thought what better way to open up learning than to Skype with children in that part of the world. I presented myself at her school and, naturally, they need to first do background checks on me, but they were thrilled about connecting kids around the globe! They told me that they’d already looked at some physical geography aspects but now wanted to consider human aspects. With the Olympics coming up in three months’ time, what better topic to explore?! I said no promises but it should be possible to find a class of children (maybe wanting English language practice) by reaching out to my Twitter contacts, so that’s what I’m now doing. Tweeting it out and seeing if anyone would like to connect.

Fingers crossed, this could be exciting!

Update 2016/06/23: Still looking! The target date/time is Friday July 8th at 13:00 UTC. That’s 14:00 here in the UK.  It’ll be morning sometime in South America, depending on which timezone you’re in!

Update 2016/07/09: Well, that was a failure 😦  I found that Brazilian schools were on winter holidays, and Argentina had a public holiday on that date, and will soon be on their winter holidays.  Although my contacts were keen, the dates didn’t work out.


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