IMG_0767-001 This is what I’m working on at the moment. The handrail is original but I’ve renewed the baserail and am putting in spindles to stop any kiddies falling through the gap. I went to a proper timber shop for the materials where they planed the spindles down to size and machined the baserail from standard stock. OK, it’s not particularly refined but it’ll do! There are a huge number of angles to cut – all at 41.9° – not only the spindles but also the fillets between them at top and bottom. A quick estimate comes to seventy-eight of them! Also, there have to be careful calculations and checks to make sure all gaps are even. Ah, so this is what I learnt that trigonometry for, forty-four years ago! Talking of school, the handrail is oak and reminds me of old wooden desks. I love the natural appearance and feel of it and will see if I can get away with leaving it untreated.


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