Curiosity, Experimentation and Cogitation. And some more Cogitation.

David Truss writes an excellent blog (David Truss :: Pair-a-dimes for Your Thoughts). In a recent post he supports the Keep It Simple principle. He takes Ramsey Musallam’s “three rules to spark learning” and proposes his own Rule #4:

Rule #1 – Curiosity comes first.

Rule #2 – Embrace the mess. (It’s ok to try and fail, spend time in beta.)

Rule #3 – Practice reflection.

Rule #4 – Remember that learning should be a fun!

What do you think? Do you need fun?

My knee-jerk reaction was of total agreement but hang on, wait a second…

We’ve strayed from the path of “simplicity” and “sparking learning”.

To spark learning you actually need only one thing: Curiosity.

Curiosity drives the messiness of experimentation which feeds the cogitation of reflection from which we learn. The mess and the reflection are the process but only curiosity is the spark.

As for fun, that’s in the process. I’m wary of adding extra fun; sometimes all it does is get in the way.

Of course this is only my observation – I have no research for this opinion, but I wonder what YOU think?


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