RSCON4, October 11-13, 2013

Well, I had told Shelly Terrell that I have no time to be involved in this year’s RSCON conference but, now that it’s getting close and the excitement is beginning to build, I find that I can’t not help out! It’s going to be HUGE this year! Something like 115 presenters and 10 keynote speakers will be there, and the audience will be massive now that Steve Hargadon is involved. Just have to hope it doesn’t slow my house renovation work too much!

I helped out at RSCON3 in August 2011. I worked on the scheduling and other behind-the-scenes stuff. I reckon I put in about 300 hours but who knows how many more hours Shelly put in! This time Shelly is using Steve Hargadon’s tried-and-tested procedures which will help hugely – he is an old hand at organising big online events. People will be able to schedule themselves which will cut a big part of the effort, hopefully.

If you’d like to know more, please read some reflections from RSCON3 and check out for the latest on RSCON4.


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