House Project at Eight Weeks

My house renovation is coming along slowly. It’s unbelievable that eight weeks have passed already – there doesn’t seem to be a lot to show for all the time I’ve been spending on the place. The biggest task has been the removal of the paint from the walls in preparation for plastering. I’m not wholly convinced that it’s as necessary as the plasterer tells me it is but he’s the expert and should know better than me. It’s very time-consuming and I’ve tried to apply a bit of technology to speed things up. My belt sander works but eats belts at an alarming rate and produces so much dust so quickly that my vacuum cleaner simply can’t cope. My friend’s Dyson overheated and stopped working after ten minutes… not a good sign! I’ve tried loads of things including blowing the dust into a dustbin full of soapy water. The bubbles would trap the dust… or so I thought. Okay, okay, I should have seen it coming… a roomful of bubbles and just as much dust! You learn from failures they tell me.

In the end I’ve just had to resort to scraper, wire brush, wet and dry sandpaper, abrasive sanding pads, industrial “Scotch Brite” and lots and lots of water. Very messy. Very slow. Hard work, but no dust!



  1. Michael

    Looking good πŸ™‚ Fast Internet is a MUST … We can’t really rely on pinching the neighbour’s rubbish wifi for ever can we? … Unless we letter dropped flyers for better wifi providers …. Hmmm πŸ˜›

  2. Jude

    Oh dear! Please arrange me a quick flight to come to UK Clive. πŸ˜‰ . Take care xxx

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