Friday, School Day

It’s Friday and I’ll shortly be heading to school to help out. Reading with one otherwise-disruptive lad for half-an-hour, then a 45-minute session with six Year 4 and then another with six Year 5/6 children.

With the groups of six I’ll be doing some blogging-related work. I haven’t yet decided whether it’ll be writing new posts, commenting on each others’ posts or visiting Dare Elementary’s blogs, a US school who we Skyped with, and leaving comments there.

A couple of days ago I read a post by Josette LeBlanc in which she mentioned something she’s been doing for the last year – daily listing five things she’s grateful for, and sharing it with a friend, as a means of not getting bogged down in everyday worries. See Connections and Influences – Josette, iTDi.Pro.

What would my little bloggers make of that? I feel grateful that …?  I feel grateful for …? It would be interesting to see what thoughts they come up with. It might be a fun challenge.

But then it strikes me – “fun for whom?”  What would they learn from it? What would I learn? What’s the purpose of this activity? Some will surely struggle – is it worth the fight if they get nothing out of it?  “Fun” on its own is not enough.

I’m doing all this blogging and Skyping, using Voki and so on, and they’re learning to use the technology and to connect, but it all seems back-to-front. Shouldn’t what we do be driven by what we want to achieve? Or do the tools open our eyes to what can be achieved, enticing us to use them and to explore?  Should I be particularly concerned that it’s all a bit whim-led at the moment? Today I’ll probably just let the children choose.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

On a separate note, I plan to turn up at school early and spend lunchtime out on the field, chatting with anyone who wanders up. For me this is a real delight – one of the best things about what I do.



  1. whatedsaid

    In my school context, I always say ‘Start from the learning’ and ‘The tech is just a tool’. In the context of a school where there hasn’t been much experimentation with tech yet, I think it’s fine to explore and play around and have the tools ‘open our eyes to what can be achieved, enticing us to use them and to explore’!! Having said that… have you looked at the curriculum to see how tech can support it or drive learning forward? Also.. (stream of consciousness here!) don’t forget that blogging is all about literacy.. developing reading and writing skills.. OK, I’ll stop now.

    • CliveSir

      Thanks Edna 🙂 I know that you know the situation in this particular school!
      I tend to forget the “developing reading… skills” aspect as there’s no obvious evidence, but you’re right, that’s learning too.
      I’m setting up an after-school blogging club… there seems to be a lot of interest and my existing bloggers like the idea of becoming “mini-mentors”. I know that amongst them there’ll be some highly-articulate children who love writing – it’ll be interesting to see how the class dynamics change!
      Thanks for the brain-dump 🙂

  2. Andrea F. Oliveira

    Hi Clive, I made some Voki. I can send it for you see, by mail, Let me know. Regards. Andrea Oliveira.

    • CliveSir

      Hi Andrea! Hope you’re having success in your classroom with Granny Janet. Yes – please just email me the Voki links. I’ll be interested to see what you’ve done.

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