Sublime: Kristin Scott Thomas


From Four Weddings and a Funeral, © PolyGram Filmproduktion GmbH

F: You like this girl, don’t you?

C: Yes. Yes, it’s… It’s a strange thing when at last it happens. And… she’s marrying someone else. How about you, Fifi? Have you identified a future partner for life yet?

No need, really. The deed is done. I’ve been in love with the same bloke for ages.

Have you? Who’s that?

You, Charlie. It’s always been you. Since first we met so many years ago. I knew the first moment. Across a crowded room. A lawn, in fact. Doesn’t matter. Nothing either of us can do on this one. Such is life. Friends isn’t bad, you know. Friends is quite something.

Oh, Fi… Fi… It’s not all easy, is it?



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