Weight Lifting

In my last post I mentioned all the tools and DIY stuff that I need to deal with. What you see above is a mere fraction of it. Missing are all the woodworking tools, heavy hammers, chisels, nuts and bolts, fixings, car jacks, jemmies, gardening tools, plastering and bricklaying tools… I’m sure you get the picture. And I’m very happy to say…

I’ve got rid of it all!!!

Well, not quite all – I had to save some! How could I consider myself a bit of handyman if I don’t have one or two tools – but 99% of it has gone and it’s like a huge load lifting from me! I can hardly believe it – I feel like celebrating and shouting! The euphoria is just amazing! Such a relief.

To cut a long story short, the guy who came to see the one tool I’d advertised ended up buying the whole lot. Fortune had it that he had a workshop that needed equipping and could give a home to every single thing. I had laboured long over it all, putting groups of related stuff together – that in itself felt quite an achievement. Then I could see what I’d got, and could start taking photos in preparation for adverts. I reckoned that I could insist on people taking job lots and that was key to getting my mind around it all. OK, so I gave him a good deal on everything and I could probably’ve got a lot more if I’d tried, but this has been weighing heavily on my mind so it just made sense to grasp the opportunity.  I don’t have a car so transporting to a “boot sale” was out of the question, and the weather has been so foul that a garage sale would have flopped. Selling things over the Internet one or two items at a time would have taken forever, and I don’t know anyone particularly into DIY to give it away to. No, this makes so much sense! Now I can move on…


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