SAV School’s Blog

I mentioned back in August (here, here and here) that I was going to have a go at helping Govinda Panthy set up a blog for his school in rural Nepal. Well, I started work on it and it’s coming along slowly but surely. Despite being very busy and ill for two weeks, Govinda managed to send me a few photos, videos and images and I’ve been able to make articles out of them. I’ve contacted some of his supporters in the US, UK, Belgium, South Africa, Australia and Taiwan, and hopefully some will be able to write news reports which will liven things up a lot. Govinda is used to working with Skype and Facebook and so isn’t too familiar with writing articles for the web – that’s something he’s going to have to do to bring more authenticity to the blog. Meanwhile, I’ve been tweeting it out and comments are just starting to come in which is fantastic! We’re making connections and spreading the word!

Govinda dreams of building his own school. If you know the story you’ll know that the current rented buildings are extremely basic and, now that a house has been built in part of the playground, space for playing is even more restricted. He’s put together a document setting out his case and requesting help with funding. I feel that some information needs clarifying and some needs adding, but it’s a good start.

I have some big ideas on how we can help him but telling you now would be premature – you’re going to have to watch this space!


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