Sampling Blogs for Website Inspiration

To avoid reinventing the wheel I’ve been looking at a few blogs to see if any have a shape which will meet my requirements in Outline of a School Web Site. Unfortunately I haven’t been successful so far. OK, I accept that a blog is not strictly a website but what I want is a combination – mostly blog, within a framework of a few static pages.

Finding blogs to review was not an issue; I subscribe to 1400 of them (that’s another story!). I began with the A’s.  After the sixtieth I stopped as I was getting nowhere. Not a single one used the “sticky” feature I want. (If you’re interested in stats, the platforms used in my sample were: 38 WordPress, 28 Blogger/Blogspot, 1 of each: Typepad, Livejournal, Edublogs and Posterous).

Then I started searching a few keywords and, again, drew a blank. Finally I dipped into a few of the bigger names in blogs where favicons had been used (implying some customisation) but, again, no luck.

After some random clicking I was encouraged to eventually find one using the “sticky” feature. “Pedagogy First” uses it: Although the layout is not quite what I had in mind, you’ll see that the first post is a “sticky” – it is intentionally tagged so that it appears before any other blog posts. Notice that the date is older than some of the posts that appear below it.  What I want is sticky posts like this, abbreviated, and to appear in one of the side panels.



    • clivesir

      Hi Baiba, Thanks for your comment. Ah yes, fiddling the date is always a simple possibility! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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