New Projects For Me!

I have two great new projects in the pipeline! After the CELTA I’ve been a bit lost for direction but now I have something I can get my teeth into!

1 – RSCON4

@shellterrell, on a playdate with an old dinosaur!

Yes, Our Shelly is pulling the stops out again! This is one seriously popular on-line conference with talks covering the whole education spectrum. Google RSCON3 and you’ll see just how popular last year’s conference was: 80 presenters, four concurrent sessions, twelve keynote speakers, three days, thousands of participants. It’s no mean feat! I was one of the organisers, along with a whole team of  enthusiastic others. All volunteers. My involvement was mostly with scheduling, and that’s what I’ll be doing again.  A considerable effort though. I seem to remember it averaged out at 12 weeks of 25 hours a week. Perhaps, this time, I’ll do things more efficiently 🙂

RSCON4 is pencilled in for mid January, 2013, so that gives us a chance to get organised. Shelly has new ideas up her sleeve which’ll be announced as things firm up. However, everything’s still very fluid – don’t be surprised if the date changes!

One of the great outcomes of RSCON3 for me was speaking with (well ok, emailing with) some of the big names on Twitter, and getting a boost to my PLN as a result. Some very inspiring people out there!

Few, though, more inspiring than Shelly herself. I have had the pleasure of meeting her in person on three occasions and I can tell you she’s lovely as well as being one very smart cookie!

2 – SAV

Govinda, Sir, @SAVSchool

Secondly, I’ll be working with Govinda Prasad Panthy, headteacher and founder of SAV school in Nepal, to help him set up a blog. This’ll be fun and rewarding! Do a search of his name and you’ll find him all over the place. That’s a good thing and a bad – his name is known but the focus is missing. My belief is that by setting up this blog with regularly updated news he’ll attract interest which should ultimately benefit his young Nepalese students. Watch this space!



  1. Vicky Loras

    *doing a happy dance* wooohooo!!! Whoop whoop! I can’t wait – I loved RSCON3 and I am sur the 4th one will be great as well.

    And what a lovely project you have engaged in with Govinda – I look forward to seeing the developments! I have connected with him on Twitter already : )

    Awesome news : )

    Best wishes,

  2. clivesir

    Thank you Vicky, my ever-enthusiastic friend!
    Yes, RSCON4 is sure to be another big success!
    Great too that you’ve connected with Govinda – I hope our community can pull together and give him some support. Thanks for tweeting and offering your help – brilliant! 🙂

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