CELTA Week 20, evening 39

Evening 39, Thurs 2012-06-21

happy :)

One of my delightful little students from my time in Sri Lanka

The very last class on this course, followed by a farewell session down the pub.

The two youngest trainees were teaching this evening. Within a few years they are the same age as the six students who turned up and have a good natural rapport with them.

The lessons didn’t go as well as they could have. To start with, the order of teaching had to be reversed because the lad’s train was late. Just as well – it gave him time to prepare his materials at the photocopier. I’m not sure why it had got left to the last moment but both of them seem to lead very hectic lives and it’s difficult to fit in all the preparation work (and for any prospective CELTA student, there’s a LOT of prep work!) I know I could never work like this. I do the boring thing – I like to prepare in advance and be able to play the lesson through in my mind beforehand to anticipate possible problems. I’m not sure that my actual performance is any better though.

All too soon the lessons were over, we said our farewells to the students and then time for some feedback. I thought they’d both done pretty well given the circumstances. They shouldn’t have been so self-critical; this last lesson has a lot of pressure – there are high expectations and there’s a lot of excitement. I’m glad it was them and not me!

Written Assignment 3 (WA3) was then returned. We’d all passed (great!) and I’d received some compliments on mine, but then it had to be put straight into the portfolio folder and handed back to the college. Copies of plans and materials for our teaching practices, our observations, written assignments and progress records (CELTA5 book) have to be retained by the college for six months in case they’re audited.  Good really, because it keeps standards high and confirms uniformity between education providers, but it does mean all the useful feedback from the tutors goes with it. We can reclaim our folders after six months though – something I’ll be doing.

A quick group photo, handing in of overall course feedback, and then it was off down the pub for an unwind.

Although I have griped about some of the things we’ve had to do I’ve actually enjoyed this course. The tutors are professional and, although quite different characters with different teaching styles, they are both very effective in their own ways and both very likeable people. I shall miss them. They’ve worked us hard but we’ve learnt a lot.

There is definitely a “CELTA-way” of doing things and I’m happy to have experienced it.

[I’ll get my grade in a few weeks. The certificate will follow after that.]


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