CELTA Week 18, evening 35

Evening 35, Thurs 2012-05-31

Today happens to be the 10th anniversary of a bad traffic accident I was involved in. I did publish a post about it but then pulled it. It was enough to put it in writing and then to reflect. I’ve decided I should celebrate rather than mope about it – so if you were with me at tonight’s classes, that’s the reason for the nice choccies!

Tonight I was teaching. I opted to go for an all-electronic lesson, with videos, pictures and powerpoints. Almost paperless.  The last time I attempted this it flopped so I set it as a challenge to be overcome. I’m pleased to say that it was a qualified success 🙂 At least technically it went pretty smoothly. Pedagogically it wasn’t so sound, and that’s far more important.

I was teaching “have to” as a form of obligation/lack of choice/need, in the context of jobs. I had an audio recording of a vet talking about his work (“I have to work long hours,” “I didn’t have to apply for the job,” etc) with analysis via the controlled practice of gap-fill exercises. It would have been better if I’d broken the audio down and modelled the language on the board. Some students got it but others struggled. The tutor gave me a few helpful pointers. It could have been a whole lot better but I guess I’m learning. At least they all enjoyed the “freer practice” at the end 🙂


One comment

  1. Michael Graffin

    Hi mate. I really appreciate the sharing of your CELTA experiences … Just a little reminder you owe me a few choccies when we eventually get to catch up face-to-face =)

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