Grammar: Have To

I’m teaching next week. I’m focusing on have to – to express obligation.

As a warmer I decided I’d try to liven things up with a video. I eventually sourced Dusty Springfield’s You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me but, crikey, it’s forty-six years old! Yes, it’s good, but that’s sixteen years before most of my thirty-year-old students were born! Would I have wanted to hear stuff from 16years before my birth? Ummm… no!

There didn’t seem to be a lot to choose from but eventually I discovered  The Gaskets “I don’t have to work tomorrow” which was nice and upbeat. I shortened it and fiddled around with it. The end result is here:

Yes, it’s cheesy and horrible and looks like a tasteless PowerPoint but I hope you agree it sets the tone.

It strikes me that I could also exploit the process of making it:

How did you make a video like that, Clive? Well, first I had to find some music…

I didn’t have to pay for the software

I’m sure you can figure out better possiblities than I can.

Meanwhile, d’you think Martin Scorsese’s got anything to worry about?


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