CELTA Week 16, evening 31

Evening 31, Thurs 2012-05-17

One of the things about writing a blog like this is that the trainees and tutors may read it and may feel slighted by any criticisms. Sometimes I have to tone-down what I say, but I suppose I should really address any doubts I have to the tutors. But there’s no time, and often I can’t relate to the technical explanations. What I see and sense are more on the emotional level and difficult for me to rationalise or articulate. It’s frustrating.

Two trainees were teaching 12 pre-intermediate students tonight. The first was teaching a grammar point and the second developing it, with a game for some writing practice.

I wonder if sometimes I just don’t get it. It was embarrassing being asked to give feedback – I was sure the first trainee was a “Not To Standard.” The second was so much better overall in my opinion, with much greater student engagement. If the students come back next week it’ll be only because of the second, yet the feedback from the tutor was pretty much even for both. I don’t get it.


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