CELTA Week 15, evening 29

Evening 29, Tuesday 2012-05-08

1. Using the web (60 mins)

I have to say that I have a fair experience in using the web but I haven’t ever tried to categorise the language websites I’ve visited. Tonight, we used a room with a good number of computers dotted around the walls and each of us was given a website to assess in terms of:

  • Name of resource
  • Brief description ie quiz, game, teaching material etc
  • Skills practised
  • Level
  • Who would YOU use it with? Please be as specific as possible
  • How would you use it?
  • What is good about it? How does it meet the needs of your learners?
  • What are its shortcomings?
  • How easy would it be for the target learners to access the material by themselves?
  • What, if anything, would learners gain if this material were to be incorporated into their program?

A useful exercise. We shared opinions afterwards and took notes.

Sites listed (not all reviewed) were:

2. Planning for future Teaching Practice and break (30 mins + 15 mins)

I was wrong to think, last Tuesday, that teaching practice preparation with the tutor was over. It was just that we ran out of time. Anyway, two trainees are teaching a week on Thursday so their planned lessons were reviewed with the tutor.

3. Writing Skills (75mins)

We looked at the writing skills involved in producing various types of  written material. Practice involved writing a postcard and then analysing what we’d written. My notes say we considered the following:

language (set phrases, formula, structures, linking), genre, audience, punctuation, layout, register (formal/informal/appropriacy), chunks/phrases, organisation/coherence, accuracy of spelling and punctuation, purpose, vocabulary.

Most interesting to me was that we use a preset scheme of symbols for marking errors which students learn at day 1.  Must make error-correction efficient and more understandable to the students.

Next Thursday, public sector workers, including our tutors, are on strike over pay and pensions so, obviously, there’ll be no blog post from me 🙂


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