CELTA Week 14, evening 28

Evening 28, Thurs 2012-05-03

Eighteen students turned up today! It was a bit much – I wasn’t able to get round them all to check their individual progress. However, I guess the reality for many teachers  is  thirty or more so who am I to complain?

The theme for tonight was teaching “What is/’s/are (something) like”. I wasn’t happy with the outcome. It didn’t flow. I cocked some things up and forgot to do others. All in all I was quite fed up with it. The tutor said it was to standard but I know I can do a lot better. I suppose it just comes down to practice.

I was up first and the lad who followed was a lot better than me, at least at the start. Better technique. Some of the things he did reminded me of what I’d missed. Overall though, I’d say we were about even: plenty of room for improvement.

Now, after we’d taught our forty minutes, we were meant to fill in the last forty, unobserved. The tutor left the room and I took over with an unplugged lesson. I chose to do it about how the students would handle a lottery win of one hundred million pounds and they really got stuck into it! It was meant to last only 20mins but the other trainee couldn’t find a music CD for his session so I then had to spin it out for the whole time.  Had I known that the CD wouldn’t be found I would have timed things differently but that’s life. It was interesting that out of a class of 9 men and 9 women it was only the women who would give money to charity. Four of them would give half away. These also happened to be the least able of the students and it was noticeable that they became quite animated, especially as they were talking of their home countries – East Timor, Syria and Somalia.

All in all I was quite happy with this part, and the students got plenty of talking out of it, too.


One comment

  1. whatedsaid

    Did the second part go better because you weren’t being watched? Or because you weren’t following a script? Or because you engaged the learners in something they could connect with? Or all of the above? Or none…

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