CELTA Week 13, evening 26

Evening 26, Thurs 2012-04-26

Today was teaching practice for three of the trainees, but not me. I just observed. Actually, I just did the register, helped new students as they drifted in, ran and got some damp paper when we realised we had nothing to clean the Whiteboard with, found whiteboard markers and other stuff, to help the smooth-running of the class… and observed!

The trainees taught for forty minutes each. We ended up with a class size of sixteen – up from six last week. Consequently no one had prepared enough handouts but that didn’t seem to matter too much. In fact the students seemed to work better together in their little clusters of threes and fours. I usually just pair students in twos so perhaps I should try different cluster sizes.

In the ten minutes before going home, two of us were given directions on what to teach next week. There should have been three of us but one guy has dropped out, or more likely was persuaded to go.  That’s the second of the twelve original trainees to leave. The first gave up after just a month. No reason given. It can’t have helped when he didn’t turn up for his first teaching practice.  Anyway, the two of us will teach for forty minutes each, and then give the students 40 minutes unassessed something-or-other.

CELTA without tears – englishdroid



  1. jude

    really interesting to see how you are coping with the Celta…I’m doing the part time celta course in Italy and finish june 1st….its really hard trying to juggle family job and the course…but I’ve now finished the 3rd essay so hopefully its downhill from now !! So glad it takes you forever to plan a lesson and write an essay… thought it was only me ! anyway good luck, keep up the good work….how do you get the time to write a blog….

    • clivesir

      Great to hear from you, Jude! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. You’re just ahead of me – my third assignment is coming up – it’s the student profile one where you interview a student to learn their background, preferences and way of learning, in order to profile them and suggest self-learning materials. Think I’ll enjoy this one. The previous two were tough! No, it’s definitely not just you – perhaps we should form a club 🙂 I’m really glad I didn’t do the intensive, full-time course – I wouldn’t have had time to sleep, and been even rattier than I am now! Keep in touch and let me know how yours goes – Good Luck!

      • jude

        Oh how strange the student profile was my first essay….I’m now in possession of my fourth which is ‘Lessons from the classroom’… … I’ve been really fed up this week, I think everything is getting on top of me ….. my house looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for at least a month…. the kids are complaining they haven’t any clean clothes to wear… and I am constantly glued to the computer preparing fantastic lessons which look good on paper but when I get into the classroom !!! anyway I keep telling myself its not long to go…The man from Cambridge is coming out on Friday to have a chat with us all and with all the luck I have will probably sit in on my lesson aghhhhhh

  2. longrunner

    Glad you’re still going! I’m wondering — how long IS your course? I’m done this Friday; only two days left! We turned in Assignments 3 & 4 today, and we each only have one more assessed teaching practice to go.

    Hope you’re still enjoying it!

    • clivesir

      I’ve been following your blog, Abbie. I’m amazed that you have time to do the course, all the lesson preparations, all the assignments, and STILL have time to do some sight-seeing and blogging too!
      Yes, you’ve overtaken me now. I finish around 21st June, I think. I have forty minutes of teaching tomorrow and two more hours of teaching coming up. And more lessons and observings during the rest of the time.
      Yep, I’m still enjoying it. It’s hard work though, as you’ll know!
      Good luck with the last few days 🙂

      • longrunner

        It’s not easy, and I haven’t had extended amounts of sleep! But I am in Buenos Aires, after all, so I am willing to sacrifice a few hours of sleep here and there to have some great experiences 🙂

        I think I felt the most overwhelmed by the course in the second and third weeks (out of the four-week course). It wasn’t easy to get everything done, but I had great motivation in that if I didn’t, I would have spent an entire month in BsAs and not seen anything but the inside of the International House building — booo! So I made a point to go out and do things every weekend! I’m glad I did. Will be off on Sunday to do some more traveling around South America — and relaxing! — as a reward for finishing the CELTA 🙂

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