CELTA Week 12, evening 24

Evening 24, Thurs 2012-04-19

First teaching practice after the Easter break and we’re with a new bunch of students. These are Pre-Intermediate level whereas the previous ones were Upper Intermediate. Only six turned up – not nearly as many as started at the college last term – but an interesting and motivated set of guys from Brazil, Iraq, Poland, Vietnam, Spain and Ethiopia.

In the list of six trainees I am listed last, so I often get the last slot for teaching – as on this evening.  With a change of level comes a change of tutor, and she’d directed me to a small part of the Headway course book where the focus was on grammar and speaking. Is that the focus? Or is it the aim? I can never remember! On our lesson plans we have columns for Stage Focus and Stage Aim and I’m always getting confused about which is which!

One of our trainees seems to be dropping out. He didn’t turn up last Tuesday and, although he turned up half-way through, he wasn’t teaching today either. I don’t know what’s going on there. He said something about being ill and not remembering to take his work with him over Easter and so not being prepared to teach or hand in work today. It does screw things up for the rest of us: today, most of the trainees who went before me had more time than they expected, and then this chap’s part in the overall lesson was missing, so my part had nothing to build on.

Anyway, grammar and speaking. One of my aims was ‘building rapport’ which I feel is important at this stage. In fact I feel it’s vital, so I spent a bit longer introducing myself. It worked well actually, blowing my own trumpet here, because I could develop it into introducing some new words which were to come later.

So the lesson went like this: Lead-In, vital vocab, main controlled practice, and finally freer practice. I’ll put my materials below. I had some useful feedback from the tutor. Her overall comment was: “A great start! You elicited vocabulary well on the board. You demonstrated the language task well via the OHP and drilled the students successfully. A good start. Well done, Clive”.

I’m happy with that 🙂

Lesson Plan-TP6 – speaking-grammar
OHT1-questions intro
OHT2-making-questions controlled practice
OHT3-asking questions freer practice 


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