CELTA Week 12, evening 23

Evening 23, Tuesday 2012-04-17

The college shut down for three weeks for Easter and this was the first day back. An easy start, with tutorials, lesson preparation for teaching on Thursday, return of Written Assignments, and assessment of materials to support pre-intermediate learners.

For the tutorial I’d pre-filled out the self-assessment part of the three-page “Stage Two Progress Report” in my CELTA5 document. I thought I was pretty near standard on everything so marked it with an “S” everywhere. The tutor and I then discussed what she thought my level was – she’d given me nine “S+” and two “S/N” (below standard but not not-to-standard). These two were:
5h – providing learners with appropriate feedback on tasks and activities
5j – maintaining an appropriate learning pace in relation to materials, tasks and activities
I need to keep the pace up, reduce talking and pay a bit more attention to feedback with the students – I can go along with that!

I also got my Written Assignment back and will have to re-submit it. That doesn’t seem to be a big issue, I just have to explain the form of a few sentences in a bit more detail.  Re-submitting seems quite common and, I reckon, I might learn something from it. I have two weeks before it’s needed.

While the tutorials were going on those not with the tutor had a look at some language books with a view to selecting one for grammar and one for pronunciation that we might recommend to students for self-learning. Neither of the two I’d selected (Murphy’s supplementary grammar materials and a Headway one) were suitable in my opinion and I wrote what I did and didn’t like about each one in a short report which, in theory, will be shared with the other trainees.

Then preparation for Thursday’s teaching practice. Have to admit that it’s hard getting going again after the break but I’m reasonably on top of the task. I’m going to have a go at producing a separate note for what I have to do and say. The lesson plan proper contains details which are not necessary for the actual teaching in class (aims and lesson focus, for example) and these get in the way.  A kind of bullet point list with only the essentials should be easier to follow.  The one thing I picked up from the tutor while we went over my plans was that a fair amount of drilling would be expected. No problem, I can just increase the drilling I’d already reckoned on.


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