CELTA Week 10, evening 20

Evening 20 (Thurs 2012-03-22)

As last Thursday, the evening was spent observing two CELTA trainees teaching lessons they’d prepared themselves from the “New English File” text book. This time it was the turn of the youngsters of the course – a girl and a guy in their 20’s.

The main task for the girl centred around teaching the grammar of used to, to be used to, get used to, and usually. It’s a little tricky and the did you use to form is quite horrible in my book!  Yet it’s in common use so I guess it needs explaining… the rule appears to be that you use use to if it’s preceded by did or didn’t but used in all other cases, except sometimes used is used in all cases! Yuck!

The guy had to carry on the theme and then do a listening exercise on the subject of sleep-walking.

I was tasked with noting their strengths and weaknesses on the whiteboard at the end which the tutor worked into her summing up. She was happy that our students had got something from the lessons but reckoned there was still room for improvement – something everyone would agree with.

I’ll be teaching next Thursday. I’m expected to exploit given materials and make a balanced one-hour lesson from them. As the task centres around the media and news, I’m wondering if I can work some authentic material into the lesson instead of this standard text-book stuff. Interpreting the news is the kind of challenge these students must surely face outside the classroom every day.


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