Bedsit 4

Well, I’ve moved in to the shared house with the Hungarian lads. I decided I’d chance it. We sorted out the contract and inventory and all’s well. In fact it’s better than well: it’s great! The lads are a pleasure to chat with, I have space, and I can invite friends back for a coffee. Most importantly, no one smokes! It is SO much better than the last place. Much more relaxing – a huge sense of freedom, like a weight being lifted.



  1. datenglish

    Dear Clivesir
    I’m so happy that you finally moved to a better place. Hope you feel at home, and the fact that you can invite some friends for coffee is super.

    • Clive

      Thank you, Debbie! Yes, I do feel a lot more at home here already. My only hope is that the two lads don’t move on too soon! They’ve involved me in Frisbee games, shown me how to bake bread and are encouraging me to cook more than I do. But as well as that, they are authentic English language learners so I can learn from the difficulties they tell me they’ve had in picking up English. They’re fairly proficient speakers now but there are still some things I can help them with… it’s all working out rather well 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by!

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