CELTA Week 9, evening 18

Evening 18 (Thurs 2012-03-15)

This evening was spent observing two CELTA trainees teaching lessons they’d prepared. It was quite interesting how the styles differed even though both were teachers with many years of experience under their belts.
The guy was actually a former ELT teacher but had never needed  a formal qualification until recently. He certainly knows his subject but his delivery was not so good, something he’d be the first to admit. Over the years he has developed mannerisms, such as repeating himself and gabbling, and it’s these things that he needs to overcome – very difficult. Perhaps he should video himself so that he can analyse his technique.  He talked a bit too much and didn’t monitor pair-work too well. I can say this now because I wrote it in my observation notes which he picked up and read without me noticing. He didn’t punch me so I guess I got away with it!

The other trainee was a woman who has taught many years in UK Primary schools, with a stint in adult education too. I felt that her technique was far, far better. One thing I particularly liked was that she monitored all the time and crouched down to the level of the seated students during their pair work. Not nearly as intimidating as hovering over them. She has great empathy with the students but, like me, lacks confidence in grammar. It will come, no doubt, and she’ll be an amazing ELT teacher.


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