Bedsit 3

I’ve found a place to stay! A room in a shared house in a nicer part of town. Two lads already share the place – both Hungarian, one a PhD student, the other something in computing. Friendly guys. I’m just waiting for the landlady to sort the contract. She’s produced a 22-page document which looks to be based on one or more boiler plate agreements but it’s become a little screwed. For example, the reference numbers and the points referenced don’t align in any decipherable way. It talks about an inventory but there isn’t one and, if you interpret one of the clauses literally, my room must be occupied by a minimum of two people! (“Room 2 is let on the condition that it is not occupied by no more than one occupier.”)  I can’t sign it as it stands.

The landlady is in Spain and we’re communicating by email only when she’s in her office. She has a long weekend coming up so, unless something miraculous happens, we may miss my target of moving tomorrow (Saturday). She’s posted signs all around the house like “run the shower into this jug till it comes warm then use the water to clean the shower after you’ve finished” and something in the loo about “if you miss the target then clean up after you!” Really!! Perhaps she’s had some bad experiences with previous tenants. I’ve given notice to my current landlady and I’m part-packed – I’d like to move but I suppose I could delay it a week if necessary.

Meanwhile, I’ve spotted another room! It’s in the house of a middle-aged couple. The area’s not so nice but it’s a little cheaper and it’s a weekly arrangement instead of a six-month contract. It’s very tempting! There’d be less independence but I wouldn’t need to be concerned with anything to do with running the house, other than cleaning my own room. Of course, I can’t predict accurately what the people are like but the advert is very well written with a touch of humour. I’m tempted to find out more…

I really do need to move.


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