Bedsit 2

I wrote about this bedsit before, and I was going to move, I promised myself, but I’m still here. I’ve really gotta go. I need more space. I need somewhere with a decent desk and chair so I don’t have to work propped up on the bed. But also the lad has a new girlfriend and I need to get away from certain youthful noises of passion…

I’ve seen two places:

1. Close to train station, one stop to work. 50% further to cycle. Poor for getting to shops by bicycle but I could probably get food delivered at slight cost. Decent sized room, currently being redecorated in a big way so in mess when seen. Cheap. House occupants: a woman ~40ish, son 16, daughter 8, dog. Only the woman was there when I viewed the room – seemed friendly enough. Why wasn’t the dog there?  I quite like the idea of being in a family house if the folk are all OK – I would probably just be left to my own devices or could get involved if I chose to. Or it could be hellishly noisy.

2. A reasonable room near where I am now. A little bit more expensive but within budget. Quiet. An Iranian grandmother ~70ish I suppose, and no one else. She was into spirituality and yoga but realised that that might put prospective lodgers off. Seemed lonely and said she liked company in the house. Her family was not so far away. She was intelligent and interesting. Got married at 16 but divorced and left Persia in seventies. Showed me photos of her grandkids and of herself as a young woman. I couldn’t use the kitchen or front door without disturbing her or feeling obliged to chat.




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