CELTA Written Assignment 1

I’m fed up.

Seriously fed up 😦

I’m trying to do this assignment but I’m making a pigs ear of it.

I don’t know. It’s many, many years since I’ve tried to do this kind of thing. I’m frustrated at my own stupidity.

I’m aware of time just dripping away. I mean, how long should this kind of task take?  Three whole days to write a short essay and materials? Five?

I look at the texts and nothing sinks in. Lots of words. Lots of stuff that just seems so obvious it carries no value. Words that just seem like padding. I can’t get to what they’re trying to tell me.  My mind just skates over them and takes nothing away.

I look at the assignment and it seems vague and woolly. Is it an essay or a list? I feel like I don’t know the rules and they’re just waiting to pounce to say oh no, isn’t it obvious? You should have done it this way. You’ve failed.

It talks about receptive skills. Well they’re reading and listening. “Identify the receptive skills that could be used during a reading lesson.” Reading and listening. End of story. Does it want sub skills? Why not say that then?

It talks about wanting receptive skills and then wants productive skills as well – in one stage but not all three. Why?

So. Like you see. I’m fed up.

I try to think that these are just hoops that I need to jump through and in the end it doesn’t really matter so long as I get the certificate. But it’s damned frustrating and I feel totally useless.



  1. longrunner

    I am familiar with this feeling of frustration. I hate the feeling of not knowing the “rules.” It sounds like the CELTA tutors expect quite a bit of learner autonomy. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time, though.

    • clivesir

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting, Abbie. Always nice to get blog comments! I don’t mind the autonomy bit – it’s just not knowing what’s expected that bugs me. Never mind, I’ve now written something. Whether it’s what’s wanted, time will tell. I’ll probably put it up here once I’ve had it assessed and returned.
      Good luck with your trip to Buenos Aires to do your CELTA!

  2. Sufi

    Im also looking to do the CELTA. By the look of the context required, it seems pretty hard. If the assignments aren’t really explained well, how they expect people to pass?? Please do upload it on here, because I’ll probably doing my first assignments very soon. I hope you did well.Thanks in advance.

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