CELTA Week 5, evening 9

Evening 9 (Tues 2012-02-07)

The evening was two parts, with half-an-hour of discussing next Thursday’s teaching practice sandwiched in the middle.

I really wish that WordPress had a way of recalling draft copies because I’ve just written this post and the whole bloody thing’s disappeared 😦


1. Checking Meaning

“Concept Check Questions” or “CCQs.”   For me this was a disaster. We were given 11 statements to check. By the end I’d done three, all badly. I don’t think anyone else had done much better.

I’m pleased that a friend has emailed me a book on the subject.

2. Presentation – Guided Discovery

This started late and the DVD, which was meant to be the core of the lesson, didn’t work.

There was lots of paperwork to make up for it.

I’m going to read Jim Scrivener’s “Learning Teaching”. In edition 3 there’s a section on Guided Discovery starting on p165, and a bit on the accompanying DVD which I’m going to listen to now…


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