CELTA Week 5, evening 10

Evening 10 (Thurs 2012-02-09)

Teaching Practice TP2

I was teaching this evening. One of four trainees, each teaching 30 mins, 10 students, on the theme of air travel.  I was the first to go on.  I introduced the class with this clip, to set the tone and elicit the topic:

(Based on BBC comedy “The High Life” 1995)

I continued with a vocabulary section, and then two reading and talking parts.  I felt it all went reasonably well. I knew there were things I could have improved upon but in the debriefing session with the tutor I discovered that I’d missed a major trick – in the vocab section I could have had much more pair work.  The way I taught it was to put up an overhead with seven missing parts of words which the students had to guess and spell.  I filled them out while modelling the pronunciation, eliciting number of syllables and the stress.  One after the other, for all seven words. I also gave an explanation of the words – eg acting out “snoring.”

What I should have done is allowed more time for this section, doing one example, getting students to work in pairs on all the other missing words, and asking concept check questions at the end – eg eliciting from the students what “snoring” was.

And I could have found the extra time – I fell into the trap of believing that I had a good piece of work for later (a questionnaire with wacky ideas) that, once produced, I felt compelled to use. I could have not used it, maybe just provoking conversation with some of the wacky ideas.

The lesson plan also had mistakes. I didn’t really know the difference between Lesson Aim and Lesson Focus, and I’m still not 100%.

Anyway, here’s the material I used in case it’s useful for giving ideas to anybody:


One comment

  1. Maria

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing, I was planning to teach this lesson and found your page via google. It’s really useful.

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