CELTA Teaching Practice – Need ideas for Thurs 9th Feb

Next Thursday evening will be evening 10 in my 40-evening CELTA course. I’ll be teaching the first Lead In/Warm Up stage, the first 30 mins, of an English lesson for twelve Upper-Intermediate learners, few of whom share a common first language. By the end of the two-hour lesson the students will have practised reading for gist and detail. They will be familiar with more vocabulary associated with air travel. That’s the stated overall objective anyway!

The tutor’s lesson plan says:

  • Think of a lead-in related to the topic of air travel.
  • Pre-teach 6/7 vocabulary items from the text. Check understanding and drill pronunciation.
  • Give students the questions (see the cover of the book in the image below) to discuss in pairs/small groups.
  • Brief feedback from 1 or 2 students.

I have a nice little video to kick things off, and other materials for rounding it off, but I’m somewhat stumped selecting the vocabulary to pre-teach.  Here’s the text. The students won’t see any of the main text during my stage – that comes later. I’d welcome any suggestions for 6 vocab items and how they should be taught. I’ve already circled a few ideas but am I on the right track? I’m planning on covering this part in about 7-8 minutes.


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