Ed Blog “Register”


I’m about to launch a new project on unsuspecting education bloggers! It’s nothing earth-shattering, just a simple idea, but I hope that members of the education community, both new and long-in-the-tooth, will find it useful.

It’s a bit of a step into the unknown but unless I try I’ll never know; faint heart n’er won fair maiden, and all that!

To cut to the chase, it’s simply a register of education blogs, listing title, author, Twitter ID, subject, focus, age taught, country and so on.  By using a Google form linked to a spreadsheet, bloggers can enter their own details. And by using a spreadsheet, users can sort and search to find the blogs or people they want.

There are other registers out there but none quite hits the spot, as far as I can see. You can find lists of blogs in certain categories but you have to slog through them to find Twitter IDs or locations. Or you can find lists of Twitter IDs but the links are not active and the blogs are not mentioned. By collecting this extra meta data, people building their PLNs or researching certain ed aspects will be able to home in on target bloggers or Twitter folk.

I’ve done a pilot run with a few of my on-line friends and the feedback has been very encouraging. I’ve refined one or two details but basically the shape seems sound.

This will seem daft but I’ve been having real doubts about what to call it! I already have my Ed Blog Collection – more than 1200 blogs that people can subscribe to for searching purposes. By the way, I am finding that incredibly useful. For example, I’ve recently joined the team behind #Elemchat (great people – more interested in sharing, learning and growing than about personal egos – but that’s another story!) and, by searching the Collection, I’ve been able to provide resource links to feed into the #Elemchat weekly topical conversations.

So “Collection” is ruled out. Other options I considered were Ed Blog -List, -Table, -Database, -Index, -Register, -Catalog/catalogue, -Heap, -Record/er, -Ledger, -Gallery, -Library … none are particularly catchy, are they?!  Others imply some order but this will be, at least when entered, all over the place. “Register” seems appropriate in a way – the old school register – people registering etc – so that’s what I’m going with for now.

The form and the spreadsheet will be on my CliveSir Gmail account and will be embedded into my CliveSir wiki for now, but I’m wondering about putting it in the #Elemchat wiki too, or instead of. People may be able find it more easily if it was there, although it’s not especially connected with Elementary education.

Finally, this will be a register where everyone has an equal voice. There will be no favourites, no star rankings, no celebrities and no awards.

UPDATE: Now live! 13:00 GMT 2011-12-27 : http://clivesir.wikispaces.com/Ed+Blog+Register

UPDATE: 18:00 GMT 2013-10-01 : This page has been repeatedly spammed for some reason. I’ve had to republish it with a new address and delete the old one, to try to shake the spammers off. Sorry to anyone who follows this blog.

The register worked for a bit but didn’t take off as I’d expected. Never mind, an interesting experiment!



    • CliveSir

      Hi Edna, thanks for continuing to read!
      You got it just now because I had to republish it with a new file name. The old page had somehow attracted spammers who were making junk comments every couple of days. It was very annoying to have to go in and delete them so I thought I’d try republishing which automatically produces a new url. It may still happen – then I’ll just have to delete the post.

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