TURN, a poem by Theodora Jonas

While in hospital for a few days recently I met a nurse called Theodora Jonas. We got talking and it turned out that she was a poet, following in her mother’s footsteps, and had a self-published work back home. She writes, mainly for herself, for the joy of being creative. I suggested that she might try blogging to which she replied she would consider it but much preferred the medium of paper, being able to hold and feel, smell and treasure it. But the advantage of a blog is the connection with the audience through feedback. I suggested that she might dip her toes by guest blogging and she proposed the poem which follows. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone I feel I could ask, but maybe posting it here and promoting it on Twitter might work.

Please read, and encourage Theodora by leaving a comment.


Turn me up, ridicule me while I point
I dribble all day and night
At times slowly and cautiously
While you my beloved keep growing
Creating a concert in me

An overwhelming fear envelops me
And fills my every being like dark ink
I was hooked up, washed out
Besieged by moments of regrettable pain
As you my trusted friend began to disappear

Long moments, silent torments
Powerless as they entered one by one
As I was hooked up, turned inside and resectioned
Reduced and radicalised, silencing the concert in me
As Dark River flows clear
While I continue to point

– ◊ –

From a possible future collection called “Notes From My Solitude” by Theodora Jonas.



  1. Vicky Loras

    Hi Clive!

    What a great discovery you made! Iam just sorry you were in hospital. Please let Theodora know that I love her poem and I am looking forward to her collection – she should make one!

    Thank you so much!

    Kind regards,

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