I’m going to do a CELTA (maybe)

So what’s a CELTA? It’s a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, established by Cambridge University. It’s a basic teaching qualification which is globally recognised, apparently. I’m hoping that doing this course will accomplish several things:

  • it’ll give me techniques for lesson planning, classroom management and teaching methodology, so helping me become more effective in the classroom
  • the qualification may open a few doors for when I eventually go working overseas again
  • it will give me some self-confidence if I pass

I’ve found an evening class – two evenings a week for six months which should be manageable. I sent in the application today, along with completed pre-course task sheets, and they responded immediately with an offer of an interview in five weeks’ time.

An alternative would have been to do a PGCE – a Post Graduate Certificate of Education. One year, full-time, high intensity, followed by a qualifying year in school.  Having read blogs and tweets from PGCE students I know that the pressure is very high. I’ve been out of formal education for so long that I think I’d really struggle and I’m not confident I could manage it. Plus a year without pay is a bit hard to swallow.

So it’s full steam ahead with the CELTA.  It starts in January and runs till June. If it works out I might go on to take the Young Learner extension. Here’s hoping!



    • clivesir

      Thanks Michael. It’s a bit daunting – my poor old brain is going to struggle! I’ll give it a shot and, like you, see how it goes!
      All the best,

  1. Vicky Loras

    Go for it, Clive!

    That is great and I know exactly how you feel – going to start something similar, but in German (eeeek!!!) as great professional development offered by the Swiss Board of Education : )

    I wish you all the best – enjoy it! I am sure you will do great.

    All the best,

    • clivesir

      Thanks very much, Vicky! I’m not so sure I’ll do well but I’ll give it a shot. First hurdle will be the interview in a month’s time. I’d better start revising now!
      Good luck with your PD. That is quite a challenge you’re taking on there, doing it in German – I don’t envy you!
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting, Vicky, and, as always, a big thank you for all the Twitter mentions!
      All the best,

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