One Hundred Photos – 1

About these 100 Photos



  1. whatedsaid

    Hi Clive

    Welcome back to blogging. It would be fun to see what kids say about each image. Or what story they’d write. Right now the messgae it brings to mind for me is:
    The answers aren’t always apparent on the surface. We need to dig in the sand…

    I love showing kids an image like this and asking them to connect it to their learning. Will try it and get back to you!

    • clivesir

      Thank you for giving me my first comment, Edna! It’s always thrilling to see the directions taken by young minds when allowed!

  2. Vicky Loras

    Hi Clive!

    Very happy, as Edna mentions as well, to see you blogging again! What a beautiful picture – here is my story:

    “Looking for seashells, the only thing she could see was the sand sparkling under the sun. It reminded her of how much she had missed it. Forgot about the seashells. Sat down on the sand, closed her eyes and thought – this is it!”

    Might continue it. I haven’t written anything outside education for a long time. You have started something great here, Clive!

    Thank you so much,

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