A New Laptop

The dithering is over! I made a choice, bought one off eBay, and here we are! A Dell E5420. I decided that the best way to find a machine with a hi-res matt display was to  search business laptops. As a starting point I thought I’d try to find the cheapest device which offered everything I wanted, even outside my budget. I found two contenders – the Lenovo T420 Thinkpad and this Dell. The Lenovo would have been a great choice but the Dell was cheaper and I discovered that there were a few at around half price on eBay so that was that.

It wasn’t all plain sailing of course! I’ll spare you the details but I got a bit of money off for the scratches and eventually got a replacement for the smoking(!) power supply.  It all took time. If anyone is interested I’ll give you the specs and a review but, for now, it’s great to get back on Twitter and great to be connected through something which is mostly a pleasure to use 🙂



  1. Michael Graffin

    Hi Clive! Two quick comments 🙂

    1) You might just have mentioned you’re back blogging again! (I’ve missed you), and

    2) Congrats on buying the Dell – I have a Dell Studio 17 inch – which has worked wonderfully well. Their tech-support is err, rubbish, but the laptops are good quality.



    • clivesir

      Hey Michael! Good to see you too, Sir! @mgraffin
      Glad the Dell gets the thumbs up other than their tech support – I hope I never need to call them then!
      Thanks for dropping by!

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